Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Nineteen Days

It's that time of year again. Baha'is around the world are preparing for that special time of spiritual renewal--the Baha'i Fast. Nineteen days of fasting during which we make a special effort to turn our focus inward, refreshing our hearts and re-invigorating our spirits through reflection and prayer.

Sarah-J (left); Ramin Hosseini (right)

During the past three years one of the highlights of the fasting period has been following, and participating in, the Nineteen Days blog--a collaborative photography project created by Amy and Leila that enlists photographers from across the globe in sharing reflections on the Fast and beautiful images taken daily at dawn and dusk, some of which I've included here.

.leili (above)

Tomorrow Nineteen Days enters its fourth year, with an incredible line up of photographers from every corner of the world. I hope you'll join us.

.leila (left); elliot|v (right)


montague said...

so excited about this year! glad you are a part of it once again!

Julie said...

Lovely photos. And such an interesting project! I'm excited to follow along.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks Montague!

Julie - Thanks for visiting, I hope you've been enjoying Nineteen Days so far!

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Dina said...

Beautiful images!

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