Saturday, August 22, 2009


1. Grass on turquoise, 2. Turquoise, 3. Mosaic in Turquoise and Rust, 4. Lady of Turquoise, 5. turquoise Cuff 2, 6. turquoise and cream, 7. Terra cotta - Turquoise, 8. Turquoise door - Albuquerque Old Town, 9. Turquoise Tunnel Silhouette, 10. Ma che vuole questa???, 11. Firstborn, 12. my new turquoise sidetable....., 13. turquoise and gold, 14. three leaves on turquoise, 15. Oxidation in Turquoise, 16. Turquoise Dream

There is just something about the color turquoise that makes me think of sunny skies, salty ocean breezes, the soft rustle of palm trees and a tall glass of something frosty.  

What about you?  What colors evoke a picture in your mind?

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Summer in the City: The High Line

One of the last things I ever expected to see winding through the rooftops of lower Manhattan--about level with the pigeons, power lines and escaped helium balloons--is a pathway bordered with prairie grasses and wildflowers, but New York City never ceases to amaze.

The High Line is an abandoned elevated train track that has been refurbished and landscaped and opened to city dwellers for strolling, watching the sun set over the Hudson River, and yes, even napping.

The old train tracks have been preserved and the landscaping makes it appear as if nature has begun to reassert herself, eclipsing the rusty leftovers of the modern world.

As you walk, the bustle of the city dims to a low hum. If you listen carefully, you can actually hear songbirds. And somehow, (though you know you must be dreaming this one) it feels like you might even be breathing fresh air.

A few more photos here.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Summer in the City: Times Square

Times Square might just be my least favorite spot in New York City. Noisy, crowded and full of tourists taking those leisurely strolls that are so foreign to speedy city walkers, I usually just keep my head down and try to dodge the human traffic as I walk through the neighborhood as fast as I possibly can.

Nonetheless, Times Square is the picture many bring to mind when they imagine this fair city. It's where the ball drops to ring in the new year. It's the classic movie scene-setter--that image that tells us "Aha, now we're in New York City!" When someone hums "Start spreading the news...." don't you visualize those Broadway lights that make Times Square so famous?

For that reason, a couple of weekends ago when I was passing through the sweaty crush of Times Square, I decided to stop. Stop dodging and weaving through the tourists. Stop ducking to avoid people selling me I (heart) NY T-shirts. Stop saying "No, I'm not interested..." to anyone and everyone who approached me about anything and everything. I just stopped. I took it in. I tried to remember that, pretty soon, I won't be in this city anymore and I had better start appreciating, even the things I typically avoid.

The lights, the color, the sheer overwhelming visual stimulation assaulting you from every side. That is Times Square.

Perhaps it was because I was with a first-time visitor to New York who was in awe of everything we passed. Perhaps I was on a high inspired by the Broadway musical we had just seen. Perhaps I need to stop and appreciate more often. But for a few moments that one evening, Times Square seemed pretty incredible.