Thursday, May 24, 2007

Uncommon Grounds

Last night we took advantage of the lovely spring weather to take a walk around the neighborhood. We ended up at Uncommon Grounds, a new coffee shop down the street, for drinks. Tea and root beer were our beverages of choice. I will not bother with a review of the place as this is not that sort of blog, and it has already been done here by a far more adept blogger than I, but it was a great spot for shooting some odd items. That worked out perfectly as I was experimenting with the manual settings on my camera (largely uncharted territory thus far). This spooky deer lamp was my favorite curiosity.


amy said...

I've noticed this place on my way to the subway in the mornings - is it any good? I love the ceramic chickens they have in the window!

ews said...

I know, love the chickens. I can't say much since I only had a cup of tea, but the atmosphere was lovely and the brownies looked good.