Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tagged - 8 Random Things

Okay, I've been tagged by Chelly and am now feeling the pressure of coming up with 8 random things about myself to share with the blogging world. Here goes:

1. I am very cautious about using the word "random," as my husband regularly informs me that, slang usage aside, actual randomness (according to the scientific definition) is an extremely rare thing.

2. After a lifetime of trying out different toothpastes, I have recently discovered that cinnamon-flavored is my favorite.

3. The book I have re-read the most times is Gone With the Wind.

4. If there were a group called Law & Order-aholics Anonymous, I would consider joining.

5. It is one of my life goals to learn to rollerblade.

6. I am a real-life, honest-to-goodness, *certified* SCUBA diver.

7. I am inexplicably drawn to used book sales and can't pass a cart of "books for $1" without walking away with one or two.

8. And because I want to keep with the purpose of this blog and post a photo, my final random thing is the very first photo I took with the new camera that inspired me to start blogging!

Passing it on, I tag Amy next.


evan said...

Hmmm, "The Rarity of Randomness." That would make for a great Oprah's Book Club title! But the real question here is will Gone with the Wind be dethroned by Deathly Hallows on your re-reading list? Methinks so! Mmmmm, M&Ms (cue mouth watering sound effect).

amy said...

oh great... thanks walker - sense the sarcasm in my voice. And to echo evan, mmmmmmmmmmmm, M&Ms.

Chelly said...

Your picture of m&ms reminded me of a bonus random thing. I take m&ms and draw pictures with them before eating them. I also segregate them and eat them so there's the same number of each color before eating them.

I love your list.