Monday, September 3, 2007

Ariana in the City

I have to take a break from posting my Seattle photos to share some shots from the past week. We were thrilled to receive a visit from Maziar and Tina and our adorable and incredibly mischievous little niece, Ariana.

Ariana seems to be a natural New Yorker. She was thrilled to be touring the City on the shoulders of her daddy and uncle, pointing out dogs and babies whenever they passed.

She took to the streets with confidence, made friends on the subway, ate all manner of fancy food (she was all over those truffle fries at Bette), and had waiters eating out of her hand at every restaurant we went to.

Their visit was an opportunity to spend time with many good friends, and Ariana reveled in the undivided attention of all those grown ups. We all vied with one another to entertain her and sang countless rounds of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, which inevitably led to smiles and giggles and requests to sing again.

Maziar, Tina, and Ariana left for Singapore on Saturday, and the house seems awfully empty and dull now that they are gone. Where are the bottles, diapers, children's songs, and "Ariana, no no no's" that we became accustomed to? Clearly we need to make a trip to Singapore.


amy sahba said...

she is such a cutie must miss her terribly!

Ashkon said...

Ag-gan! :( I miss her!

ROBERT said...

I really like the thrid pic. The lighting is really cool.

artia said...

Love the last pic! These are all great shots though, thanks for sharing!

natala said...

She is perfect!