Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Call it Book-lyn

When someone informed me on Sunday that the Brooklyn Book Festival was right down the street from our house, I raced down to Cadman Plaza to check it out with visions of myself walking away with armfuls of books. Turns out I didn't quite have the right idea--this wasn't a book sale, this was a literary occasion. There were tents set up with authors signing books, publishers giving away literary magazines, signs advertising readings of of newly published work, and masses and masses of people. I had to get a picture of the crowd on the steps of Brooklyn Borough Hall listening to a reading.

While wandering around wishing I had money with me to buy books to be signed by authors whose signatures might someday be worth a lot on Ebay, I discovered I was acquainted with one of the authors giving a reading that afternoon--a Brooklynite and soccer buddy of my husband's whose new novel has been on my wish list for a while. Couldn't miss that!

Ash was kind enough to save me a space in the queue, leaving me free to wander around before the reading taking pictures of all the literati (or so I thought of them).