Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Seattle Part 2: Farm Fresh

What with all the recent activity, I haven't followed through on my intent to post more pictures from my recent trip to Seattle. No I haven't forgotten. After all, there can't be a Seattle Part 1 without, at the very least, a Part 2.

Yes, I'm back to the farmers' market photography at Pike Place market--where else could one find such beautifully arranged and photogenic produce?

All the vegetables were so colorful, it almost didn't seem normal. Can you believe the brightness of these chili peppers? They were strung up in long rows out on the street, giving everything a very festive air. (What one would do with such massive amounts of fresh chili peppers, however, I cannot imagine.)

In addition to the produce there was an abundance of fresh flowers to be found, and I was appalled to discover that a beautiful bouquet, the likes of which would run about $40 in New York, could be had for a mere $6.50. No kidding. I do believe I could see myself living in Seattle surrounded by flowers and chili peppers.