Monday, October 29, 2007

Autumn Leaves

This is the continuation of my "Fall" series, begun a couple of weekends ago. I had been hoping for a while to get some pictures of the leaves changing, but New York City sadly does not offer as many opportunities (or as many trees) for that as I would like. Fortunately I got my fix in Connecticut this past weekend. We went to New Haven to see a talk, visit a friend, and take a little break from the city. The vibrant fall colors were an unanticipated bonus, and I was absolutely thrilled to get out there with my camera--so much so that as I was walking home with friends, I fell so far behind that at one point I got up from crouching on the ground (taking pictures of fallen leaves) and realized I had lost my companions!

Fear not, I found them, and we passed the afternoon in cozy conversation after coming in from the crisp (and slightly wet) weather outside.

By the way friends, thank you for the outpouring of sympathy and support about my lost shoes. You'll be happy to know that the story did not end where I left off. I returned to the cobbler's the following week with a Negotiator (my husband), whose calm and collected tactics in the face of extreme duress finally got me a minute behind the counter to search for the shoes myself. Naturally I found them in about 30 seconds, bearing a *different* tag number from the one I had been given. Big surprise. No apologies from the shop-owner for yelling at me and accusing me of trying to steal shoes, however. Another big surprise.


amy sahba said...

lovely pictures!

Ashkon said...

This was a great weekend! I love the photos. And I still can't believe that cobbler is still in business.

molly said...

my mom-in-law sent me a brown bag envelope full of fall leaves last year...just to keep me in the loop.