Monday, November 5, 2007

The Marathon: 26.2 in New York City

Well, it's all over. The New York City Marathon. All 26.2 miles of it. And every moment of it was incredible in its own way. Those hours of anticipation in the chilly Staten Island morning; the thrill of the start; the exhilaration of the crowds cheering; the thousands and thousands of cups littering the streets after every water station; the changing face of the city and its people as we passed from neighborhood to neighborhood; the painful uphills when I wanted to walk, but didn't; the even more painful final miles when I wanted to cry, but didn't; finding that last burst of speed in me to pick up the pace at Mile 25 and sprint to the finish. What a range of emotions I went through during the 5 hours and 44 minutes I was out there on the course! Most overwhelming of all was the feeling of joy and gratitude I felt every time we saw our friends and family out on the course cheering us on, and every time I thought of the many people who told me they would be cheering from afar. Truly, it made the whole experience. THANK YOU!

My running buddy Amy was my mainstay through our 5 months of training and every step of those 26.2 miles. I would not have made it halfway without her.

Below are a few photos from the day, mostly courtesy of Ashkon, my #1 fan. Ramin also made us feel like professional athletes, by running alongside us at Mile 8 with his massive Canon lens and capturing these shots. Now I have pictures to go with the memories.

Before the start, with the Verazano Bridge in the background:

Still feeling good at Mile 8 on 4th Avenue in Brooklyn:

Cups littering the road after a water stop:

Our surprise and excitement at finding friends and family waiting for us at Mile 15 in Queens:

Our cheering section! Who could help but be inspired?

Going for a strong finish after Mile 25:


Ashkon said...


Chelly said...

You definitely looked strong when you passed me at mile 18. You Rock!!!!!

amy sahba said...


Grady said...

Hey congratulations! 5 hours and 44 minutes that's great how does that compare to your SD time? Bravo! Was Haile Gebresellasie there?

DebbieJRT said...

Congratulations on great race!

naseem said...

woooohooooo! congratulations :)

Chessa said...

wow! congratulations...this is a major accomplishment!

Anonymous said...

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