Thursday, January 24, 2008

Catching Up

This week has been so crazed that it is now Thursday and I am only just getting a chance to post this picture I took last Saturday. This little purse full of chocolates was a treat for each guest at my friend Jen's bridal shower last weekend. (And you'll know what I mean by a crazed week when I tell you that I haven't even had time to eat all of my chocolates yet. Usually those babies would be gone in an hour!)

The celebration took place at Rosa Mexicano, home of New York's best and freshest guacamole (made right at your table), as well as some pretty excellent other dishes.

Being at that shower reminded me how much I enjoy seeing a friend in a new context. Isn't it odd when you have only known someone as a colleage, and then all of a sudden you are meeting their parents, grandparents, cousins, and future in-laws? It gives you such insight into a person's life. I love that. And it's all the more enjoyable when you get to see what kinds of gifts other families give to one another on special occasions like these. Matching bride and groom teddy bears that sing I'm Getting Married in the Morning? I'm guessing Jen wasn't expecting that one.


amy said...

mmmhhh chocolate! and i wish you had a video of the bears! they sound hilarious!