Wednesday, February 20, 2008

News Flash

We interrupt this recap of my trip to idyllic Vancouver to bring you Breaking News. The Village Voice has published an article on the much-watched Food Network show, Iron Chef America. I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in how it really all goes down in kitchen stadium. I warn you, it kind of takes the shine off the penny.

I only wish Robert Sietsema had been able to get the inside scoop on the Chairman, whose quirks continue to mystify me. Like why does the Chairman backflip into kitchen stadium? And why, during the show's intro, does he stare intently at a sweet yellow pepper, only to pull a switcheroo and bite into an apple at the last second? We may never know.


Ashkon said...

Well, I could have told you that they already had a very good idea as to what the "secret ingredient" would be. How else do you explain the fact the chefs never take a moment to think about what they will prepare or that they don't have to explain the dishes to their sous-chefs'? And what about those perfect platters they serve the dishes on? Do they just happen to bring those along without knowing what's going to go in them?

I wish the Food Network would do a more realistic version of Iron Chef. Now that would be something!

amy said...

earth shattering. idol crushing. heart breaking.

ews said...

Ash - Yes, I thought that was extremely suspicious myself. Now we know what the real deal is.

Amy - Tell me about it.