Thursday, April 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Blog

Today my blog is a year old.

A little over a year ago I remember telling my husband that I felt like any creative side I may have once had was long buried and not likely to resurface any time soon, and it made me sad not to have that as part of my life. Not long after that he gave me a digital SLR camera, "to help you rediscover your creative side," he said. I think that may have been the best gift ever.

When I started this blog (at a friend's urging) my intention was to post a photo every day, which would encourage me to take photos every day with my new camera. I plunged in without much thought, chose the title "Under Consideration" because I couldn't be bothered to think of a proper title at the time and figured I had better consider it for a bit, and started uploading the photos.

Life gets in the way, as always, and my 'photo a day' plan did not last very long. Instead the blog somehow morphed into a chronicle of my efforts to add a little bit of creativity to my life, not just through photography, but also through cooking, writing, reflection, and maybe even a bit of arts and crafts.

Along the way I have been amazed by my discovery of "the blogging community"--a community I did not even know existed. Unknown strangers giving me photography tips? Suggesting recipes? Becoming friends via the Internet? People around the world inspiring one another to thought, art, spiritual development, and positive change? Incredible.

What a nice year it has been. Happy Birthday blog.


amy said...

oh my god -it's been a year??? that's insane! i totally missed that!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR "UNDER CONSIDERATION"! you have been a pleasure to read... i look forward to many more years of happy posting!

Ashkon said...

I can't believe it's been a year! By the way, I love reading your blog.

Sabrina said...

I am glad to have found your blog and I think the title choice is perfect. As I am new to this blogging world, I also have been surprised to learn about the vast network of people out there. All the shared knowledge and beauty is very cool.

Anonymous said...

elizabeth, congratulations to you and to all of your lucky blog readers on the birthday! i love reading your blog and esp enjoy the photos and cooking adventures. soooo thoughtful that ashkon gave you the camera--but not surprising--what a gentle soul! thanks for sharing that story. and thanks so much for your blog. love, tannaz

thelma.batchelor said...

At your mother's suggestion, I've dipped into reading your blogs from time to time. Keep going ... they're good! Thelma

andrea said...

Happy blog birthday! It really is an amazing culture to be found here in blogland. I know I am inspired everyday.

Elizabeth said...

Amy - I know, doesn't time fly?

Ash - Thanks for getting it all started!

Sabrina and Andrea - I know, I am amazed every day by what I find out there in blogland.

Tannaz - Thanks for reading! (More cooking adventures to come soon.)

Aunt Thelma - I was so happy to see your comment. Thank you for dropping in!

na'im & shirin said...

Happiest Birthday "under consideration"!! you truly have been a pleasure to read & look at (all those pretty pictures!) & I can't wait to see what is to come this year!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks Naim and Shirin!

Ghetto Blaster said...

Elizabeth- wonderful to meet you over blogging ;) i love your hubby- me and ash are straight buddies! "Ash's unite!"

p.s. happy birthday blogger!

Chessa said...

I was reading your archives today and I really love what you said here...looking for inspiration, finding your creativity again...I relate to that so much. I found this post, like all of your posts, to be so honest and refreshing...I've found that that's a rare thing these days. I felt the same way about meeting friends online, knowing strangers and opening myself up to all of that...but, I'm glad I did bc it led me here! :)