Sunday, March 7, 2010

Nineteen Days

For nineteen days every March, just before the start of spring, Baha'is all around the world make a special effort to turn our attention from the daily details that so often occupy our thougts, and instead focus inward, allowing reflection and prayer to refresh the heart and re-invigorate the spirit.

For the past three years Amy and Leila have engaged in an inspiring photography project during this special nineteen day period, collaborating with photographers from around the world to take photos at dawn and dusk and share them along with a quote and a reflection on the Nineteen Days website. Last year's collaboration was so successful that it has been turned into this beautiful book (available here!)

This year's collaboration is well under way, with stunning images, beautiful quotations and thoughtful reflections coming from all corners of the globe. Yesterday was my day to participate, and it made me wish I had the initiative not just for a single day, but at every dawn and dusk, to walk outside and examine my surroundings for some beauty and inspiration. On yesterday's walks, this is what I found to share.

My dawn:

My dusk:


montague said...

i loved you submission!!!

leila said...

gorgeous. water is always so peaceful and soothing. thank yoU!

Musi said...

Good stuff! :-)