Monday, August 23, 2010

Shades of Green

With only a few weeks left to go in Vancouver after a lovely summer spent here, this week I am doing all I can to appreciate the city's graceful green beauty.

Muted and subtle, mossy green creeps lazily over branches, tree stumps and sidewalks, as if suggesting that urbanization is only temporary and Mother Nature will soon reassert her own good time.

Bright and exuberant, verdant green leaves soak in the sun's rays under a blue summer sky.

Fanciful and mysterious, a shadowy green scatters the day's fading light, casting dappled patterns on pathways and people alike.


montague said...

all those greens are so beautiful - one my most favorite things about Vancouver!

Elizabeth said...

Montague - Me too! Fortunately though, our next port of call will also be quite a green place. Looking forward to noticing all the color there too. :)