Friday, June 15, 2007

Sunset over Manhattan

This evening while watching the sun set behind the Brooklyn Bridge, I took the opportunity to experiment with some silhouette shots (after being inspired by this blog entry from the Digital Photography School). I definitely need to work on getting the light right, but this was such a pretty scene, I had to post it in spite of its flaws!


RT said...

Good shot EWS. you should try what is known as bracketing. Shoot the photo as you think is the right setting and then, open the F stop one stop and shoot, and repeat 3 times (meaning keep opening the F stop one degree). Then do the same but go the other way, meaning close the F stop. This way you can see all of your options. Your Nikon might even have an option to do the bracketing for you.

ews said...

Thanks for the suggestion RT, I'll give it a try!

amy said...

nice moment elizabeth!