Sunday, July 15, 2007

Summer Saturdays

I'm relaxing this evening after a full weekend of fun, friends, and good food. Saturday was a perfect day for wandering through farmers' markets (which I did, in the early hours of the morning when the farmers were just putting out their produce), picnicking in the park with good friends (which I did, enjoying delicious fruit, bread, cheese, and salami from Zabar's), and for generally making the most of the beautiful weather (which I definitely did, from the 10K run in Central Park early in the morning, to the late night gelato in Midtown). These onions were captured at the farmer's market. In spite of the excellent scenery, I spent most of the day enjoying my relaxation too much to take out the camera.


Ashkon said...

Nice photo! You seem to be getting better by the day. By the way, did those make it into our dinner?

amy said...

Those look yummy, and it sounds like a fabulous weekend! I am so proud you ran 10k!!!!