Monday, December 3, 2007

First Snow

Yesterday was the first snow of the year in New York City, and the coldest weekend we've had yet this winter. It was the perfect weekend to stay in, eat warm and hearty foods, knit just a little bit, and watch The Three Tenors on PBS. Still, I couldn't spend the whole weekend on the couch huddled under a blanket next to the electric heater (the heating system in our building hasn't quite worked itself out yet, apparently). I stepped out yesterday morning in my big snowboots to get a few pictures of the blanket of white that covered the neighborhood. There is nothing more peaceful than being one of the first people outside on a snowy morning. There's a stillness and a hush (yes, even in New York) that is absolutely unique. That said, I actually was not one of the first people out--many had already made their footprints in the new snow before I came along.

This weekend was actually momentous for another reason as well. On Saturday I resolved that starting now I am going to use only the manual settings on my camera (switching to programmed auto only if I am truly desperate). Just one weekend, and I'm already feeling a little less intimidated. Maybe I was helped along by the new 50 mm lens I got on Saturday that has introduced me to a heretofore unexplored range of low F-stops (down to 1.8!) These were some of my weekend experiments:

The iron fence in front of St. Ann's Church.

I don't know what this one is, but I've titled it "Cabbage Flower on a Snowy Morning."


amy sahba said...

wasn't the snow beautiful (but aren't you glad it is gone now?)!! Your pics are beautiful - and nice new lens!

Ashkon said...

I have been eclipsed... there's nothing left to teach.

Joshua Mahar said...

ews - I wanted to thank you for your recent comment on my post - and also for suggesting my site to amy sahba. Thanks for stopping by - and happy times to come with Photoshop!