Monday, January 14, 2008

I Cooked with Jamie

Not too long ago while wandering around The Strand, I came across this cookbook. Having read a review here and there, I was inspired to open it. A word to those who are vulnerable to cookbook temptation: if you don't need another cookbook do not even open this one. You will instantly be hooked.

When I came across Cook with Jamie I did not need a new cookbook. In fact, I had just put a moratorium on cookbook-buying until I made some headway into the ones I already have, so I could not allow myself to purchase it. Happily, however, someone noticed the forlorn look on my face when I put the book away and bought it for me as a surprise. Thank you Ashkon.

Last weekend was the first chance I had to flip through the book with the time to try out something from within its pages. A second warning: have a tea towel or something nearby as you read. It could come in handy in case of drooling. The dishes look that good! The photographers, David Loftus and Chris Terry, deserve some serious praise. (And Jamie, of course, for creating such tastiness in the first place.)

After many mouth-watering options were weighed, I settled on a spinach and goat cheese risotto. I just made a basic risotto recipe to start. Then cooked up a 1/2 lb of spinach with a clove of garlic and pinch of nutmeg, and pureed it in a food processor. When the risotto was ready, I folded in the spinach puree and added about 4 oz. of goat cheese, 2 handfuls of grated Parmesan, and an indecent amount of butter, and crumbled a little more goat cheese on top. Easy-peasy and very yummy. I knew Jamie wouldn't lead me wrong. More to come from this cookbook soon, to be sure.


amy said...

i love jamie!! and his new tv show is awesome, you must come over and watch it sometime!!!

shirin sahba said...

i'm a huge Jamie fan...i've been considering getting that book, & i feel pretty sold after hearing you talk about it! also, amy is right, his new show is fantastic!
p.s. that risotto looks just like in the book...yummy!

Anonymous said...

hey the picture in the book looks like your food.

ews said...

Amy - When can I come over and watch?
Shirin - I highly recommend the book. I've made two recipes so far--two thumbs up for both!
Anon - that's the idea!

naseem said...

mmmm...mmmm...this looks SOOOOO good! i don't know jamie, but am thinking i should :)
miss you joon! MWAH!