Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Foiled Again

I have been thinking about gifts this week. And with good reason. Ayyam'i'Ha has just begun! Ayyam'i'Ha is a special time for Baha'i families--it is a holiday meant for joyful celebration, being of service to others, and giving gifts.

Since Ash and I have been married I have been a sad failure in the gift giving department. For some reason, gift giving occasions roll around I can never think what to give him. Then months later, when his birthday or Ayyam'i'Ha are still months away, something good will occur to me. I will buy it, intending to save it for the special occasion, but my excitement will get the best of me and I can't resist giving it to him right away. I have never managed to hold out for more than a day. But then I'm giftless once again when the gifting occasion rolls around!

Not this year, I decided. The perfect gift occurred to me with the perfect timing. While in Vancouver I decided I would get him a bicycle. He has been wanting one for ages and I have maintained there is no space in our apartment for it, but with a little shuffling I believe we can make it work. I spent last week researching bicycles, learning about frames, brakes, gears, and sizes. I spoke to bicycle shops. I spoke to mechanics. I only told a few people about my plan--people who I knew would keep my secret.

But a dilemma arose. I could not decide if Ash would prefer a city bike or a road bike. Would he want to be a leisurely urban cyclist? Using the bike to get from place to place, zipping across the Brooklyn Bridge for appointments downtown? Or would he want to go for long rides on the weekends, crouched down Lance Armstrong-style while whizzing along purely for enjoyment of the sport? Would it be best if I surprised him by taking him to the bicycle shop and letting him choose for himself?

I floated the idea yesterday...

Me: I have a dilemma. I am getting you a gift for Ayyam'i'Ha and I can't decide between two options.
Ash: You don't have to get me anything!
Me: Yes I do. I have been secretly planning this and it is all set. It is going to be a huge surprise. But I am looking at two specific options. How do you feel about coming to the shop with me to make the final decision?
Ash: Would someone else know what I would like?
Me: I don't think so.
Ash: What about Shamim (business partner) or Maziar (brother)?
Me: No, I don't think they would know.
Ash: Okay then, I'll come. But you really don't have to get me anything.
About five seconds pass.
Ash: You know what we should get each other for Ayyam'i'Ha? Bicycles!
Me: Uh...mmmm...hum...uh...
Ash: Oh no, that's not what it is, is it? Did I guess it? Your face just turned really pale!
Me: (Sniff sniff) I can't believe this.

Foiled again.


evan said...

Hahahaha!!! You need to work on your poker face. Next time that happens, just roll your eyes and play dumb. So which kind did you end up getting?

Name/URL said...

This is a very cute post. I think its great you both had the same idea! I do agree with Even on your poker face. I will never play hezari with you. Happy Ayyam-Ha!

amy said...

smart husband that one is!!!
let's all get bikes and go zipping through the city!!!

Ashkon said...

I am SO sorry! I feel terrible about it.

leila said...

i know what you mean about buying presents for the husband. i find myself doing EXACTLY what you do throughout the year. and i also have no patience for appropriate gift-giving times. SERIOUSLY.

yesterday, when i was lost and walking around sydney for two hours, i remembered what you'd written here and i started thinking about a gift for shaun, especially since he's apart from family during ayyam-i-ha.

and i think i came up with some pretty neat-o ideas. thanks for the inspiration!

love, from leila

SalimuHobbs said...

OMG! That is so cool... I guess you did get the bikes... smart husband!

Happy fasting!!!!

shirin sahba said...

that is hilarious. a similar thing happened to Na'im & I...ahh gifts can be a strange thing...

Elizabeth said...

Evan and N/U - No kidding. I need to work on the poker face!

Amy - Yes, LET'S all get bikes!

Ash - No worries. :) Next time I will do a for-real surprise!

Leila - I am so with you about impatience for appropriate gift-giving times. So inconvenient!

SalimuHobbs - Welcome! And we did get the bike!

Shirin - It is strange indeed. I guess it means you think alike, at least.