Saturday, August 16, 2008

Things That Make You Go "Hmmm..."

The Google search terms that lead people to my blog. That is something that makes me go "hmmm...."

I use Google Analytics to track my blog's statistics, and I always get a good chuckle out of the things people are searching for that somehow lead them here. These are some of my favorites from the past few months. Knowing what's in my archives, I have a feeling these Google searchers may not have found what they were looking for.

  • chicken footprints (um, what?)
  • women with power (should I be flattered that this led to my blog?)
  • Montreal without gloves (I can respond to this: BAD BAD IDEA)
  • yellow kitchens fight more (Is this a Feng Shui thing? Like blue bedrooms are calming?)
  • barbie kebat (some variety of international Barbie?)
  • Arthur Ashe nosebleed photo (lots of photos here, but not that one)
  • banana sabzi (a fruity twist on the savory Persian stew, qormeh sabzi?)
  • new apartments on the beanstalk (Jack? Is that you?)
  • i need Korean chef (me too, my friend, me too)


evan said...

Yellow kitchens never struck me as combative. Don't they often use a dull yellow for hospital walls? A red kitchen on the other hand is just asking for a fight.

Carolina Lange said...

You have a great sense of humor!

robin bird said...

thanks for stopping by my blog elizabeth. you have a great sense of fun and humor. the google analytics thiing... i am voting for the chicken footprints as the most intriguing one.

...and you have some great links to other blogs. isn't blogging amazing? you just never know who you are going to meet when you set you mouse to the page.

p.s. i adore the photo of you and your grandpa. that is a classic and i agree with jessica who said it ought to be a book cover. kinda annie leibowitz looking :)

Alexis said...

Those are so funny!

amy said...

hilarious!!! chicken footprints is my favorite - seriously?

Sabrina said...

Too funny...

Even if they didn't find what they were looking for, I imagine they enjoyed stumbling on your page.

Robin said...

Those are hilarious!
I love looking at mine too, but they've never been as funny as these!

Elizabeth said...

Evan - I never thought of yellow as combative either. I wonder what that person was looking for.

Carolina - Thanks! And thanks for visiting.

Robin Bird - Thanks for stopping by. I agree, the chicken footprints is the weirdest one.

Alexis - Crazy, I know. Thanks for visiting.

Amy - That's my favorite too. What on earth was that person searching for?

Sabrina - Aww, thanks! You're very sweet.

Robin - Google Analytics reveals funny things. Wait until you collect some good ones, and then share them with us!

lisaschaos said...

The yellow kitchens fighting crack me up! I do hate yellow kitchens. Maybe that's why!

roza said...

okay this was most definitely hmmm-worthy! not to mention hilarious.

(who types "i need Korean chef" into a Google search?)

Ashkon said...


bee said...

oh, yeah. whenever i need a laugh, i look at the search results on analytics.

Elizabeth said...

lisaschaos - I don't mind yellow kitchens generally, but now I'm thinking maybe it's lucky mine is not yellow!

Roza - I know, that's why I found the korean chef one so amusing!

Ash - Hi there. Thanks for visiting internationally.

Bee - Yeah, I bet you guys get some hilarious stuff on analytics!

molly said...

Cracking me up! I've totally been thinking of making this list myself...a friend told me I could make a song out of the phrase searches that lead to me.

limonana said...

that's too funny!
i'm curious do you put that tracking code in ever blog post? or just in the page elements? i've had Google Analytics for a couple years now but never fully figured it out...:O)

Elizabeth said...

Molly - Please do make a list, or a song! I'd love to see that!

Limonana - I just put the code in the page elements and Google does it all for me.

Angie said...

Ha, those are hilarious!

Anonymous said...