Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Flash Fall

What happened to fall this year? By the time I noticed the temperature start to drop and headed to the Catskills for some woodsy hiking and fall foliage photography, the leaves had already fallen.

Now that I'm getting around to posting the photos (just a few weeks later, truly!), we have already had our first snow of the winter and streets are bedecked with Christmas lights.

There wasn't nearly enough time to properly enjoy lightweight coats and tweedy skirts, pumpkin bread and mountains of apples and all other things that feel like fall. How did it manage to pass me by? Next year I must pay more attention.


limonana said...

sigh. i know EXACTLY what you mean. thanks for reminding me to pay attention next year! what a cute pooch!

Amy said...

As they say: time flies.

I may be in love with your sweet dog.(Doodle?)

I lost my dog last October and this is the first time in 20 years I've lived without a furry companion (sorry Ginger The Cat but it's not the same). We're waiting to get another one so for now I have to enjoy your photo to fill that gap.

montague said...

seriously! I totally got cheated out of fall glory!

raining sheep said...

Absolutely stunning images and what a CUTE dog. I am in love.

Elizabeth said...

limonana - let's hope we remember to do it next year!

Amy - yes, a doodle! Good eye!

montague - at least we got a shot of the tropics in between!

raining sheep - thanks dear, and I have to agree, she is a real cutie

Sabrina said...

Oh how I love tweedy skirts and corduroy jackets (and fabulous scarves!). Good stuff. Entering winter coat land here. Seize the day!

Gorgeous pictures, Elizabeth!