Saturday, July 21, 2007

Vegetables and Voldemort

After a few months of using my new camera it has become clear to me that I actually do have a preferred subject for my photos: vegetables. Perhaps it's the summer season, or my love of farmers' markets, or the fact that the bright colors and textures virtually guarantee a nice photo, but there is no question that I gravitate to vegetable portraiture.

Today's veggies of choice came from the Union Square green market. I bought a bunch of the radishes below and munched on a particularly peppery one as I walked around admiring the other offerings.

The truly ubiquitous sight of the afternoon was the multitude of people sitting in Union Square Park reading the final Harry Potter book. I did not see any capes and broomsticks (in contrast to last night, when they were out in full force) but the Potter fans were everywhere. On the other hand I also saw someone holding up a sign saying "J.K. Rowling discriminates against dark wizards." Voldemort groupie or victim of a confundus charm? I couldn't be sure.


amy said...

still trying to get over the fact that it's over. and your veggie look wonderful!