Sunday, March 16, 2008

Links, links, and more links

The problem with reading lots of blogs is that it makes a person feel slightly envious of the many talents of others, and also quite ambitious to improve oneself by learning new things and undertaking new projects. To that end I have been assembling a list for some time of places to go, recipes to try, things to learn, and craft projects to attempt. I thought I might share them here in an effort to give myself a little bit of accountability--sort of like New Year's resolutions or 43 things. So please don't hesitate as the year goes on to check in and ask me, "have you finished knitting that cowl?" or "whatever happened to those caramels you planned to make?" I'll appreciate the encouragement!

Projects on the Agenda:

Things to Learn:
Places to Go:
Recipes to Try:


limonana said...

i know exactly what you mean about these blogs inspiring you to get things done &'s a wonderful resource! & fyi, that hazelnut brown cake is what i pre-requested for my birthday this year...the combination of flavors is too good to pass up!

Simply...Gluten-free said...

Hi, I just found your blog. Love it. I know what you mean. Since starting blogging not too long ago I have become adicted. I neglect things I should be doing (like sleeping) and load up on things I'd like to do. Good luck, sound like a fun project!

amy said...

i love you list! i feel inspired to go back and look at mine and see how far i've come (so it's been just over a month, so not very far!) and whenever you get around to making those caramels... i can come help hold the thermometer!

Elizabeth said...

Limonana - let me know if the hazelnut cake turns out to be as good as it sounds! Speaking of which, when is your bday?

Simply Gluten-free - Welcome! I hear you about the not sleeping and loading up on projects. It's a bit of an addiction, isn't it?

Amy - I think I will need a thermometer-holder and taste-tester for those caramels. Come on over!

Sabrina said...

Oh,this is great. I so need to make a list like this one! And now you've given me more cool links to add to the ones already swirling in my head. I'm feeling overwhelmed with projects and ideas...but I love it.

Simply Stork said...

wonderful sites to visit...thank you so much :o)

I'm in a bloggity rut.


Elizabeth said...

Sabrina - I know the overwhelming feeling, but it's lovely to have so many projects on the horizon.

Simply Stork - My pleasure!

bella said...

I know what you mean. :)
I see people doing such creative things and it is inspiring and sometimes daunting.
Outside of writing and dancing, I LOVE to cook. So I'll be checking out some of these recipes you've listed here and adding them to my own list.
Take care.

Anonymous said...

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